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Why Should Businesses Care About Using Eco-Friendly Packaging?

In today’s day and age, the environment is often a major consideration when choosing which products to by. In fact, 52% of people worldwide choose to purchase items that have packaging that shows the brand is making a positive environmental and social impact. With that in mind, why aren’t more brands concerned with using eco-friendly packaging? Let’s discuss a few reasons companies should care about making eco-friendly packaging.

Play to consumer interest: Like previously stated, more and more consumers are choosing eco-friendly product packaging. So if companies want to attract and keep more customers, they need to play to this interest. Once a company acts upon a consumer trend, like eco-friendly packaging, they will slowly but surely attract more consumers.

Take responsibility for environmental impacts: Many large companies are major contributors to plastic waste around the world. By adding on unnecessary packaging or choosing non-sustainable materials, companies are willingly contributing to harming the environment. But by choosing eco-friendly options, like reusable clamshells and other green packaging, for their retail packaging options, they’re showing the world they care about the environment and are using their social power for good.

Choose cost-effective options: Contrary to popular belief, eco-friendly materials are often less expensive than non-sustainable options. When less product is used, manufacturing and shipping costs go down as well. Additionally, green packaging is easier to dispose of so companies won’t have to spend as much time and money moving or disposing of supplies. Options like reusable clamshell packaging save companies major money in the long run.

Have more versatility: Some packaging materials can only be used certain ways. But not eco-friendly packaging — it’s extremely versatile. This means companies can use these materials to make more than one type of packages, saving money and creating more packaging options. Additionally, eco-friendly materials can be used with any sort of product, like cosmetics or food, without worry.

Companies who aren’t joining the global movement of going green are soon going to fall behind. Consumers are making eco-friendly options a priority and remaining loyal to brands who are showing they care about the environment. So when you’re choosing customizable packaging solutions/options, always go green.

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