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Reviews & Testimonials

Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) packaging saves companies money and delights customers... but don't take our word for it.

Ka-Bar Knives - Increased Pack Out Efficiency

I would like to thank you again on your recommendation of the 8” Click it Clam shell for our recent packaging needs. The innovative design and the ability to customize the shells to our needs helped solve a problem we did not know we were having. The Click it Clam has saved us many hours compared to our traditional clamshells that required a heat seal to be secure. Our team has had no issue in assembling and packing out our products in the Click it Clam shells, with the ease of use being the major benefit. I also want to thank you for the level of service that you have been providing us for many years now. Knowing that you are there to answer any questions and put to rest any concerns we may have is paramount in any working relationship. I have no problem recommending not only the Click it Clam to any company whose needs it fulfills, but also Ray and Jamestown Plastics as a whole. Thank you again for everything!

Carson Gumtow Quality Assurance & Buyer

Click it Clams and Fastenal Vending Machines

I wanted to share a quick note on Ray and the products of Jamestown Plastics. Ray introduced me to a container with the Click it Clam Technology, claiming we could fill it with any product and drop the container on the floor with out breaking open. He provided samples and my team tested the container in our product testing center using Fasteners and other heavy MRO/OEM products. To my surprise, the container did not break open from falling to the ground or even a short toss across the room. After the testing, Ray and his team worked very closely with us to manufacture a customized sized container, included or company logo on the front, and helped us develop marketing material to our branches that illustrated the benefit of the Click it Clam technology. This allows our branches to very quickly package a wide variety of products into this container and dispense these products through our vending machines without damaging or breaking open when it lands. And the containers are extremely durable which allows us to reuse the container multiple times to help reduce or cost of packaging these products.

Dave Madsen Solutions Support Manager

Lyman Products

We met Jamestown Plastics at the SHOT Show two years ago and were so impressed by the quality of their custom clamshells that we designed a new product line specifically for these clams. They worked with us to come up with clamshells to hold the calibers we wanted in the quantities we wanted, even designing two new clams to meet our needs. Once we decided on all of the clams we needed, they did a great job of getting clams delivered to us very quickly. Our new product line is selling like hotcakes, and I believe that is, at least in part, due to the packaging. Samantha and the team at Jamestown have been great to work with, and we are looking forward to growing this product line with more clamshells from Jamestown.

Elizabeth Friedmann Manager of Marketing Services

Adding Value to Customer

Q: What made you decide to go with the new Click it Clam™ instead of staying with traditional options?
A: Good design and easy to fill and close/reopen.
Q: How do you feel your customers will perceive the value added aspect of the Click it Clam™ being reusable?
A: The feeling should be good, our product is shipped in the clam shell and helps protect it from getting damaged.

PTS Jamestown Plastics Customer

Private Business

My crew and I simply fell in love with our Click it Clams. You can put screws, nuts, bolts, wire nuts, you name it into them and close it with one hand and then open with one hand. We toss them into our tool belts, behind the truck seat, into the tool boxes, everyplace. One of the best things is they don't fall apart in wet weather, we get rained out and leave screws and stuff on the job site, no more mushed broken boxes and rusted hardware.

Jeff Fortner Owner - Fortner Construction

Disabled Senior Citizen

After suffering a stroke I am unable to use my left arm. Opening jars and taking the lids off most plastic containers is difficult if not impossible. The Click-it-Clam is great because I can open and close it one handed without spilling the contents. I have several clams in use in the kitchen for sugar, nuts, and raisins. It’s nice to be able to put topping on my morning cereal without asking for help.

Roger H