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Reviews & Testimonials

Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) packaging saves companies money and delights customers... but don't take our word for it.

After suffering a stroke I am unable to use my left arm. Opening jars and taking the lids off most plastic containers is difficult if not impossible. The Click-it-Clam is great because I can open and close it one handed without spilling the contents. I have several clams in use in the kitchen for sugar, nuts, and raisins. It’s nice to be able to put topping on my morning cereal without asking for help.

Roger H

Q: What made you decide to go with the new Click it Clam™ instead of staying with traditional options?
A: Good design and easy to fill and close/reopen.
Q: How do you feel your customers will perceive the value added aspect of the Click it Clam™ being reusable?
A: The feeling should be good, our product is shipped in the clam shell and helps protect it from getting damaged.

PTS Jamestown Plastics Customer

My crew and I simply fell in love with our Click it Clams. You can put screws, nuts, bolts, wire nuts, you name it into them and close it with one hand and then open with one hand. We toss them into our tool belts, behind the truck seat, into the tool boxes, everyplace. One of the best things is they don't fall apart in wet weather, we get rained out and leave screws and stuff on the job site, no more mushed broken boxes and rusted hardware.

Jeff Fortner Owner - Fortner Construction