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How You Can Best Promote Your Brand On Plastic Packaging

Your company’s website, ad copy, and social media websites are all carefully crafted to promote your unique brand. This creates brand recognition and loyalty, which is the key to growing your business. Your retail packaging it no exception. By taking advantage of custom clamshell packaging solutions, you can include your brand and message on your packaging. Follow these tips to make your package branding as effective as possible.

  • Centralize Your Logo: Your logo is central to your brand’s recognition, so it should be clearly placed on the box label. It should be large enough to be easily spotted but small enough to not overpower. The key is to let the design breathe while including the most necessary information.
  • State Your Message: One of the more attractive messages you can include is your central message. In fact, 52% of people make purchases partly because a brand’s package shows that the company is making a positive social and environmental impact. So, it pays to include a positive message of sustainability, encouraging consumers to recycle.
  • Keep It Simple: Remember that your retail packaging does not have to be as complex as your website. Find short and snappy text to include on the label and use images sparingly. Remember that it only takes a glance for people to decide whether they will pick up your product.
  • Include Your Website: Packaging is a type of marketing copy, so include your contact information, website, and address. This will make your brand much more accessible to interested individuals, and they will be able to reach you for customer services purposes.
  • Redesign: Switching up your design every once in a while can keep your brand fresh and inviting. Always keep your brand recognizable, but make enough changes to make the design more interesting. Keep track of your sales to see which design is selling better.

By making the effort to design the best possible packaging, you can increase your product’s appeal. To do this, have a team of professionals on staff and stay up to date with packaging trends. As packaging changes, so should your design — but always stay true to your brand.

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