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Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Containers Around Your House

Plastic products are causing major harm to the environment because they’re not being recycled or reused. In fact, there was 78 million metric tons of plastic packaging produced around the world in 2013. Of these products, 40% was just dumped into landfills and 32% was left out in the environment where it was free to pollute the land and sea for up to 1,000 years. While some companies have begun creating reusable plastic storage cases and thermoformed clamshells, and while many people recycle, there’s still more that needs to be done. So how can you help? Well, we’ve compiled a list of a few ways to reuse plastic containers at home.

Whether you have some thermoformed clamshells, an old fishing utility box, or a small utility box, no plastic container should ever be just thrown away after a single use. There are plenty of creative ways to reuse plastic containers you have at home — saving both money and waste at the same time!

Coffee creamer containers as snack storage: Due to the design of coffee creamer containers, they make great options for snack storage! With the lid being equipped to easily pour, this makes handing out snacks a breeze. These containers can even be used to store baking supplies like sugar and flour.

Laundry detergent bottle into a watering can: If you’re looking to save money on watering cans while not wasting old detergent bottles, this project is for you. By simple drilling or punching some holes in the cap, you have a new watering can. But make sure you thoroughly rinse out the bottle before using.

Plastic bottle bird feeder: This project works with almost any plastic bottle or container. All you have to do is poke some holes in the container and place sticks or wooden spoons through the holes to provide something the birds can sit on. With a screw-on cap, you can easily refill the seed when necessary.

Bottle cap art: This project isn’t necessarily functional, but it looks pretty cool. By taking old bottle caps, you can create a mosaic of any design of your choice. You can even use bottle caps to create table tops or placemats.

Invest in Reusable Plastic Containers for the Home
While you should never throw away a plastic container after a single use, many plastic products are specifically designed as single use product. Fortunately, we offer a number of resusable plastic containers and storage cases for consumers and businesses alike. Rather than re-purposing single-use plastic items, invest in durable containers you can use again and again.

While the world is slowly making the transition to green packaging, it’s important to do your part in helping to reduce plastic waste. So whether you’re reusing some thermoformed clamshells or another retail packaging, there are plenty of ways to reuse any container with a little bit of creativity and patience.

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