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Small Round Clamshell Packaging

Click it Clam / Small Round Clamshell Packaging

Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) offerings range from our standard product line through to an infinite number of custom solutions. There are however, several primary Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) types which have unique features such as compartments, stands, and sterile options. Browse the different clam types, but request a quote for exactly what you need.

Utility Storage Box

Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™)

The classic.

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Click It Card™

Customizable and interchangeable billboard space for Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) packaging.

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Lock It Clam™

Extra security for Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) packaging.

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click it clam compartments dividers

Compartments and Dividers

When your product needs some space and organization.

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Some products deserve to be showcased.

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medical packaging sterile

Sterile (Anti-Microbial)

Some industries require standard-compliant sterilization. We’ve got that covered.

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floating fishing lure container, packaging

Elemental Defense

From water resistant to fully sealed, from floatable to air tight.

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magnetic container, organizer, packaging


Keeps your Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) handy while working near anything metal. Product coming soon.

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