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Clam Cases Features and Benefits

Click it Clam / Clam Cases Features and Benefits

Reduce Reuse Recycle

The environment is as important to us as it is to you. Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) clam cases use less plastic, have seemingly endless uses, and are 100% recyclable! With infinite repurposing uses it will be quiet easy to reuse Clamtainer, (Click It Clam) in any part of your daily life.

No cutting or tearing

Forget about the large kitchen knife or pair of scissors needed to open traditional clamshell packaging. Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) packaging is simple to open with one hand and without tools.

Open and close with one hand

Easy “push tab” to open, then a simple squeeze to audibly “click it” closed.

Packaging Reincarnated

Stay top of mind and increase your brand’s appeal with your customers; while benefiting planet Earth with packaging that is functional even after your product is gone. Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) packaging is great for storing and organizing many household and hobby-related items.

Great for elderly, disabled and arthritic customers

Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) packaging is easy on the hands and requires minimal strength to open and close. In addition, the audible *CLICK* ensures clams are secured, which aids the visually impaired.

Sealing and Tamper Evident Options

Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) packaging is easy to open, but we provide many options for retail security. Contact us to discuss the best approach for your application.

Better packaging stands out

When fighting for shelf space, Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) packaging helps instantly differentiate you from your competitors.

Fully transparent or colorful and opaque

Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) packaging can be fully transparent so your product can shine through, or it can be fully opaque in almost any color.

Sturdy and protective

We’ve dropped Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) packaging from the roof of our building in Brocton, NY. No other packaging can withstand that type of impact and still be simple to open with one hand.


No one else can offer can offer packaging with Click It Closure Technology, because we’ve patented the closing mechanism.

Your logo

We’ll emboss any design onto the faceplate of your Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) packaging, which keeps you top of mind long after your product is gone.

This also presents stores or larger brands the ability to white label common goods, creating brand loyalty and repeat business.

Made in the USA

All Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) packaging is proudly made in the USA by Jamestown Plastics™. Our dedication to customer service has fueled our growth since 1958.

Reduced liability

When your customers aren’t forced to open your packaging with knives or scissors, you’re less liable for injuries resulting from opening your packaging. It’s that simple.

Increase Your Productivity

Clamtainer, (Click It Clam™) packaging does not require RF Sealing, adhesives, or mechanical fasteners to secure the package. This saves material, time, and labor by eliminating steps in the manufacturing process.

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