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thermoformed packaging

Benefits of Thermoformed Plastic Packaging

When it comes to buying packaged products, the type of packaging is becoming a crucial deciding factor among consumers. In fact, a 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study showed 26% of respondents agreed that packaging is extremely important to overall satisfaction with the product. That number increased from 18% in 2013 and is sure to continue rising. Because of the importance of packaging, more companies are choosing their packaging materials carefully. Thermoformed packaging is becoming a more popular choice, and this article is going to discuss why.

First, let’s talk about how thermoformed packaging is made. It’s made using a conversion process that heats a plastic sheet to a pliable forming temperature. The plastic is then molded into a specific shape and trimmed to create the final product. These plastic packages are thin and rigid and are applicable to a variety of consumer products.

This process of creating plastic products can be used to make different products like:


  • Clamshell packaging
  • Tamper evident clamshells
  • Safety glasses cases
  • Fishing utility boxes
  • Ammo storage cases
  • Retail packaging

Aside from the versatility this process offers, there are several other reasons why companies are choosing thermoformed packaging. This type of packaging can be made to be protective of what’s inside, which comes into play in industries like pharmaceuticals. Using this production method, the plastic containers will protect what’s inside and prevent contamination or tampering.

Additionally, thermoformed packaging can be changed to fill a specific want or need. For example, retailers can choose a transparent, yet sturdy plastic container to hold their items. These containers will not only properly hold whatever is inside, they can be easily recognized by consumers.

And lastly, this method of creating plastic containers provides dependable, high-quality results. All plastic containers, whether they hold food, skin care products, or vehicle fluids, need to protect whatever is inside from external factors. So not only do these containers need to be able to meet high standards, they need to look nice while doing it. And that’s exactly what thermoformed packaging does. It’s durable, reliable, and allows retailers to customize their packaging to represent their brand and products.

Overall, thermoformed packaging offers everything a packaging product could need. From simple, clear packages to customized, unique products, more companies are choosing this method for creating their plastic packaging.

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