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reusable clamshell

3 Ways to Make Your Packaging Stick Out in the E-Commerce Market Place

It can be tough to get ahead in the world of e-commerce. Even as more and more consumers turn to the convenience of e-commerce retail, the rate of new business ventures springing up means that the supply is quickly outpacing the demand.

For business owners, that means working harder to attract new leads and convert them into sales. It means that you will have to consider every angle of your product to maximize its appeal to your potential clients.

One of the most overlooked ways to do so is to focus on packaging. While it might not initially seem like a large concern, the packaging is an easy way to add extra value to your product without much effort.

This guide will give you three quick changes that can turn your packaging from an afterthought to an asset overnight.

Environmentally Friendly
Green packaging options like reusable clamshells can have a huge impact on the way people view your product. In fact, the 2016 consumer insights study by West Rock shows that for 45% of consumers, whether or not packaging is sustainably made has significantly influenced whether or not they purchased a product.

In fact, with millennials becoming the largest purchasing group, sustainable offerings will become a must-have to stay viable in the e-commerce marketplace.

Reusable Retail Packaging
What’s better than an item that is safe to throw away? One you don’t have to throw away at all. Reusable clamshell packaging means that your customers are really getting two high-quality products for the price of one.

By using packaging that can be repurposed (and by adequately advertising as such), you can draw in thrift-driven consumers who are looking to get the most for their money.

Security is an important factor when you receive an item from the internet. Unlike purchasing something in a physical storefront, there is no way to be sure an item hasn’t been tampered with. Unless, of course, you are using tamper evident clamshells.

Providing peace of mind is important when selling remotely. Advertising that you have a way of ensuring nothing happened between the time an item was shipped and received is a great way to assure people of your quality.

In the digital marketplace, every piece of a product needs to be appealing to consumers, including the packaging. Items like reusable clamshells are highly prized by consumers and can give you an edge over the competition.

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