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reusable clamshell

3 Types of Plastic Containers You Should Be Reusing

Each year, plastic waste that ends up in the ocean causes damages totaling at least $13 billion. In order to help alleviate that cost, more people are really thinking about ways they can reduce their waste, especially when it comes to plastic. To help you get started on the process of reducing your plastic waste, we’ve compiled a few ways you can reuse some of your plastic containers.

Bottle Caps
Because of their small size, bottle caps often get overlooked and just thrown away. Unfortunately, bottle caps are one of the most found items during beach cleanups because they’re littered so frequently. While there are tons of programs that accept bottle caps for recycling, you can also utilize them in different ways. If you’re into crafting, you can make fun, funky jewelry with bottle caps. By simple putting a hole through the caps and stringing them together, you can make a variety of personalized jewelry. Additionally, bottle caps make a great doormat when glued together. It makes it easy to scrape dirt and mud off of shoes and is extremely easy to clean.

Medicine Bottles
Even though disposing of medication can be tricky, their bottles can be put to use with ease. Because they’re small, they’re great for quick organization. Additionally, their caps usually make them waterproof which is a huge advantage. From first-aid kits to storing sewing needles and thread, there is a plethora of ways to utilize these nifty containers. Another great use of these little bottles is storing things like shampoo and soap for travelling. With their small size, they can be used to organize almost anything in your home.

Reusable Clamshell Containers
While clamshell containers do make a perfect to-go box for leftovers, their use doesn’t end there. Because of their easy open-easy close design, they can be used for almost anything. From ammo storage cases to a fishing utility box, a reusable clamshell container has endless possibilities. The easy-seal aspect of clamshell packaging makes it a great option for storing important objects, or even using it as a compost collector or a mini herb garden.

With more and more people beginning to invest time and effort into cleaning up the environment, it’s important to really think about how you can utilize old containers. With a little creativity and some slight crafting, you can be on your way to reusing containers in the most useful ways, while helping the environment in the process.

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